Web Design: Sustainable UCF

April 9, 2020

Fully customized website that meets the University of Central Florida’s brand guidelines while reflecting their mission to improve their campus environment.

  • Represent the core ideals of the university: bright, fast-moving, innovative, accessible, diverse.
  • Be mobile optimized/responsive.
  • Load in less than 1000 ms.
  • Be ADA and WCAG2 compliant.
  • Function back to IE9 (if possible) and work in the newest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE and Edge.

Sustainable UCF



Typography & Colors

Main Fonts

Gotham is a sans serif font with geometric proportions, optimized for readability at small scales. Available in multiple weights, it is equally ideal for bold headlines or detailed technical information. 

Chronicle is a serif font optimized for readability in long-form body text. Derived from traditional text fonts, Chronicle provides a contemporary, more streamlined interpretation. The font family includes useful variations including condensed, compressed and display.

Secondary Fonts

Knockout’s nine-width, four-weight family offers a range of bold, modernist voices. With the functional benefits of a family that’s well-organized, and the visual appeal of styles that are individually designed, Knockout provides a “situational” approach to type design allowing for more varied and interesting designs.

Archer is a colorful slab serif meant to compliment and “casualize” our communications. Sweet but not saccharine, earnest but not grave, Archer is designed to hit just the right notes of forthrightness, credibility, and charm.


Digital mediums:
Hex 00 00 00 or RGB 0R, 0G, 0B

UCF Bright Gold

Digital mediums:
Hex FF C9 04, FF CC 00 or RGB 255R, 202G, 6B



The UCF logo is the Pegasus. It is their badge and emblem. It creates, promotes and protects the integrity of the UCF message. UCF is the primary branded entity in every communication. Divisions, offices and subunits are identified within the brand context.




UCF’s photography style reflects a bold, youthful, modern personality and the process and outcomes of being entrepreneurial and innovative. Sustainable UCF’s imagery specifically works together with voice and tone to showcase the campus’s beautiful landscapes and environmental efforts.


In Application


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